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October 23, 2013
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October 23, 2013


Castrol Cooledge BI is a non-phenolic, general purpose soluble cutting fluid for use in a wide range of machining operations with a variety of materials.


Cooledge BI is particularly suitable for use with steel and cast iron components, but it is not recommended for use with copper alloys.
Castrol Cooledge BI may also be used as a lubricity additive and corrosion inhibitor in raw water cooling systems, and as a liner wash fluid in high pressure mud pumps.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Name Method Units Cooledge BI
Relative Density at 20ºC ASTM D1298 g/ml 0.895
Emulsion Appearance White milky emulsion
Maximum Concentration % 15
Milling, Drilling, Turning % 3 – 5

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